The first monarch of the Valeforth Dynasty, Egon the Blind was a loyal soldier of the Demon King who fought the Agorites during the Great Purge, and later put down rebellions in Eastern Kana and Serovia. His lineage continued down until the rule of Garen the Titan, who was ruler of the province when the rebellion overthrew the empire. Garen was executed after the battle, and his son Garen II was shipped off to a polar prison along with other imperial loyalists.

In the post-war world, the imperial province of Greater Yorroland was divided into nation-states, and Altea-Marvel just became Altea after losing all provinces on the mainland, as well as the island of Dearka. The Valeforth lineage continued as a ceremonial monarchy that presided only over the island of Altea proper. Geon Grayson was appointed to be the first monarch of this new lineage, with the lineage being backtraced back to Egon I and then followed through his sister Garia.

Geon worked with other world leaders and did as much as he could to try and rebuild Yorroland, and transition the world back into a time of peace. His daughter **Moira** would inherit the throne after his death in 2782AE, undoing a lot of his policies and slowly making the office of monarch powerful again via underhanded deals and illegal backchannels.

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