Loxa Lee is an Agorite-Altean vigilante who operates in Jetsam City under the codename Thorn (sometimes stylized Þ).  

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

The Agorites were a 'cousin' species to humanity, which had evolved on the moon instead of on Agra. Long thought to be extinct, their superhuman healing abilities and connection to the moon led to a history of false associations with myths of vampires and demons and resulted with their near eradication a thousand years ago. On the dawn of 11 June, 2772ADW, Loxa was born to two refugees who believed themselves to be the last of the race, Thal-Rech Hey Yen and Thal-Rech Han Bir. She was designated male at birth, and given the name Hihih by her parents.

All of their identities had been compromised, and they were constantly on the run from mobs of conservative, militaristic Alteans from the countryside. Having to be on the run 24/7, with no time to eat or recharge their energy reserves, they realized that the only hope for their daughter's safety was to leave her behind. The pair left her on the doorstep of an apothecary in Westover County, and continued to outrun the violence for as long as they could.

Loxa was taken in by the apothecary and his wife, Albert and Marcia Lee.

Around the age of 9, Loxa realized she was no longer comfortable identifying as male. She chose the name Loxa as her new name, after the titular character of Loxa O'Brickey an children's adventure novel series she enjoyed.

While Loxa knew that she was adopted, her parents refused to talk about her alien heritage, out of fear. She was homeschooled, and constantly sheltered by her foster-parents, who did not want her feeling out of place, to injure herself, or to meet the same fate as her parents by letting something slip. An accident with the kitchen knife at age 10 revealed her blood to be a light blue instead of the human red. She ran away from home upon realizing she was not human, partially out of anger of having been kept in the dark, and partially out of fear.

On the Run Edit

Now without fear, and learning how to absorb moonlight to make herself stronger, Thorn traveled around Yorroland for most of her teen years to learn more about her heritage. Thorn revealed that although she never returned home, she continued to send letters to her foster-parents regularly, not knowing if they actually received them (they did, as revealed when she returned home for the first time in "Reunion").

Upon learning of her biological parent's names, she took on the codename Thorn (Þ), in honor of her true surname/clan-name.

Sometime around 2784, Loxa meet the Musketeers of Zinzolin, a group of vigilantes from Beautonie. They taught her most of what she knows about fighting and weaponry, on the terms that she would only use the knowledge for good. They also taught her Old Kanan, the language of classical mysticism, and Agoric, the classical language of her people.

Meeting Alistair Ethridge Edit

In 2788, Thorn first encountered Alistair Ethridge, an acrobat who had run away from Roybal's Travelling Circus after his mother fell to her death. While on patrol, Thorn noticed members of the Grawlix Gang following him through an alleyway, and she prepared to intervene. However, Ethridge was instead able to use his acrobatic skill to dispatch the gang members. Thorn sat by, admiring his fighting style from afar and realizing he didn't need her help.

After encountering him getting into trouble a second time, she realized he was willingly seeking out these gang members and decided to introduce herself. She learned that he believed his mother's death was connected to mob activity, and wanted to take down whoever was responsible. Thorn helped him on his quest. After months of investigation, the two identified Dmitry "The Snake" Kobrikov, the head of Jetsam's chapter of the Agyiran mob, as the one who gave the order. Thorn was shocked at Ethridge's brutality when confronting Isaak, beating him to within an inch of his life and requiring her to intervene. She believed that she could help him with that inner darkness, and took him on as a partner in crime-fighting: Wonderboy.

After years of friendship, the two eventually began a romantic relationship, and used their passion to combat crime more effectively, moving as one and dropping enemies before they knew what had hit them. Loxa later recalled Alistair as the first person she had ever loved.

This bond weakened as the two grew older and began to form different worldviews. Loxa blamed the city's corruption on forces from above such as the upper class, but Alistair remained convinced that the city was always capable of handling itself, and wanted his crime fighting to target "scum," like Kobrikov.

The two broke up on 20 May, 2791.

Meeting Sephina Valeforth Edit

On the night of 27 May, 2794, the 8 year-old Princess of Altea, Sephina Valeforth was taken out to the theatre by her father Prince Garland, the queen's consort. An attempt on their life was made by Falkland Heath, a terrorist who operated under the codename Matchlock. Though Thorn had saved the royal family, the Queen continued to denounce the vigilante as a rogue force and a psychopath.

This didn't stop the young Valeforth from idolizing the hero, constantly thinking about how free she must feel swinging through the city and stopping crime. Valeforth took an interest in gymnastics and archery, with the mission of serving under Thorn as an apprentice, and one day becoming a hero of her own.

When the two had their first formal meeting, Thorn agreed to take her out on patrol, the young girl not realizing Thorn was simply taking her back home. After her persistence showed, Thorn figured that Valeforth would continue trying to be a hero, and refusing to train her could prove more dangerous than letting her go it alone. Valeforth met with her old masters, the Musketeers of Zinzolin, who crafted her a set of magical arrows and taught her all that she needed to learn about enchanting her own. They also gifted her an ancient relic, the hat of the trickster entity Snorguffin, which caused any blow or projectile aimed at her head to miss. For the first three years, Valeforth only watched during missions, but on 11 May, 2799, Thorn finally allowed her to join in on a mission she believed would test her young apprentice: apprehending the villain Matchlock, who had escaped from prison. Valeforth performed excellently, restraining the terrorist using an ice arrow. Quiver was born.

Fighting Hadrian Edit

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The Revolution Edit

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The Breakout Edit

On 6 June, 2804, 261 inmates were broken out of Her Majesty's Prison, 10 kilometers north of Jetsam City. This was concurrent with other prison breakouts throughout the world, most notably the breakouts in Weskers Island Penitentiary, Crown City.

Most of these inmates were minor supervillains that Thorn had put away over the past few years, though curiously a lot of her biggest enemies (most notably Ash) were left in their cells

Fighting Big-House Edit

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Thorn International and Making an Archenemy Edit

Thorn had already met real estate mogul Donovan King a few times before 2804, but she was unaware that his list of bad deeds went beyond anything past corporate greed.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all Agorties, when exposed to moonlight or when drawing off her power reserves, Loxa has the ability to heal at a much faster and more efficient rate than normal humans. Her body can heal from severe and even fatal injuries such as a bullet to the head. The strength of this healing factor ties in to the phase of the moon; more regenerative energy can be drawn from a full moon than a new moon.
  • Cosmic Reverie Access: Through meditation, Loxa could access an astral plane known as the Cosmic Reverie, allowing her to communicate with the dead, re-center her energies, and gain insight into her current situation. When holding an object, accessing the Cosmic Reverie could give her visions of people who had previously wielded/owned it, which made her detective work a lot easier.
  • Low-Level Tactile Empathy: Through physical contact, Loxa could read the emotions and feelings of others.
  • Heightened Senses: Loxa's senses were more honed than an ordinary humans, being able to see in near darkness and hear cries for help from miles away.
  • Self-Sustenance: Loxa can also use moonlight as a food source, making eating an optional activity.
  • Flight (Full Moon Only): When sufficiently charged on nights of the full moon, Thorn can gain the ability to fly. Because she has so little practice with the skill, her flight is often clumsy and manifests as more of a super-jump.

Abilities Edit

  • Master Archer: Loxa is an extremely skilled archer, able to precisely hit targets from great distances. She can shoot objects off of people without harming them, and retain her accuracy even while moving rapidly. She can also anticipate an enemy projectile to block it with an arrow and fire multiple arrows at once. Throughout her career as a vigilante, word quickly spread that Loxa never misses.
  • Weapons Mastery: In addition to her bow, Loxa is well trained in use of other weapons, able to fight with knives, swords, guns and many more to defeat her enemies.
  • Acrobatics/Free-Running: Loxa is an accomplished acrobat, capable of scaling buildings, and running from rooftop to rooftop with ease. She is maneuverable and graceful, able to pursue and outrun a target in various types of terrains. Her skills allow her to fluidly dodge and attack from different directions without losing balance.
  • Multilingual: Loxa is capable of fluently speaking Altean, Beauton, Kep, Old Kanan, and Agoric.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Daytime: During the day, Loxa cannot absorb moonlight and must operate using her reserve stores. This weakness was permanently removed after the Altean Eclipse of 2805, changing Loxa's body chemistry to allow her to process sunlight in addition to moonlight.
  • Lunar Eclipses: A lunar eclipse will not only prevent Loxa from charging, but will drain the stores of moonlight energy she already possesses.
  • Solar Eclipses: While exposure to a solar eclipse will boost her powers exponentially, it will also drive her insane as her healing factor runs rampant on her brain.
  • Farside Metal: When wounded with weapons made of farside metal, Loxa's regenerative factor will ignore the wound and she will recover at the same rate a normal human would, complete with scarring.

Trivia Edit

  • Thorn was one of the first characters created for Agra, with the first sketches drawn in 2012.
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