Ciun niong Zihhahn Yuedu Har-Guai (b. 2318, d. 2365AE) known posthumously by the legacy name Kuarjion ("Sea Conqueror") was the 5th emperor of the Agoric Empire.

In 2841, the Koujia emperor died under mysterious circumstances. His son, the Nassih emperor, succeeded him, but was very quickly shown to be nothing more than Guizar's puppet. Guizar advised Nassih that the best thing for the empire was to purge all who might have been complicit in the emperor's death, and the entire lineage of the Koujia emperor's brother was sentenced to death. Kuarjion and his mother were able to escape to safety in the Midlands.

The Koujia emperor and Guizar became very unpopular because of their continued purges and treason trials, and Kuarjion was able to amass a large following of men who had deserted from the army and no longer wished to serve the emperor. Kuarjion marched on Dan-Lun. At the gates, Kuarjion stopped his troops' advance, calling out to his cousin and the troops that he did not want to sacrifice Agoric lives for a personal dispute. He challenged his cousin to single combat, but Nassih refused.

Shocked, many soldiers then defected to Kuarjion's side, and the troops brought forth a cowering Nassih and made the square so the two could fight for the throne. Kuarjion defeated his cousin easily, declaring himself emperor. Guizar escaped during the battle, and would remain in hiding for many more decades.

Kuarjion earned his legacy name by expanding the borders of the empire northward, taking advantage of chaos in the Bhorlands and in Baofur and finally giving the empire sea access. Having no biologic children of his own, he adopted two of the grandchildren Guizar had left behind: Kao-Shan, and Aixiong. Kao-Shan, although younger, showed more ambition than her brother and frequently accompanied Kuarjion on his campaigns. Guizar returned, and killed Kuarjion in battle in 2365. He went on to serve as the 14 year old Kao-Shan's (or, Pao as she was nicknamed) regent.

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