King, enjoying a moment of smug satisfaction. Artwork by clippy.

Donovan King, usually just referred to as King, is a wealthy Kanan real estate mogul who owned businesses, hotels, and luxury housing across the world, operating out of his native Crown City. He is considered an archenemy of both Thorn and the New Knights.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit


Taking Over The Company Edit

Maximilian King was 83 by the time his son turned 20, and was beginning to show early signs of dementia, frequently forgetting his son's name and misplacing things. Donovan used this to his advantage, planting documents and forging signatures to make his father's condition look worse and make it appear that he had been mismanaging the company. When presented with this 'evidence,' the board quickly voted the elder King out, and instated Donovan as the new CEO. King then had his father institutionalized, putting him in the same care facility his mother.

Both his parents being carriers of genes for degenerative brain disease left King worried for the future of his mind. Up until his departure from the company, King was spending nearly 60% of his corporate paycheck on brain research and access to experimental treatments, believing that his mind was the only resource he had.

The Merchant's Gala Edit

King was the guest of honor at the 2801 Merchant's Gala, an annual gathering of Jetsam's most wealthy and successful families. The event was held in the convention room of Tycoon Tower, King's most recently acquired property. There, King gave a speech praising the success of Altea's continued cooperation with Kanan businesses such as his. When Alistair Ethridge announced his bid for mayor, King showed his support and offered to donate as much as he legally could to the campaign.

Meeting Abcde Jones Edit

Abcde Jones was a phone operator who worked in King's

Downfall Edit

His identity exposed, and with many of his former client villains now after him, King fled back to Castle Tower to retrieve Abcde and escape. Unbeknownst to him, Thorn had just revealed to Abcde that King had been using her to break government ciphers, as well as providing evidence that he covered up the ability to cure her. She confronted him, and attempted to console her and manipulate her further into not being angry with him, going over to take her wheelchair and bring her with him to Las Verbenas. Abcde used what strength she had, and used a concealed letter opener to stab his right eye out.

A League of Their Own Edit

Powers/Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Genius-Level Intellect: King's intelligence (with an estimated IQ of 255) is nearly unrivaled, making him one of the smartest minds on Agra (second only to Merys Taliturn). King is a successful businessman, as he managed to run Crown Consolidated very successfully for the 10 years since he took over the role of CEO. King is talented in the art of deception, being able to fool and convince others of his agenda, even if they're experts of seeing through deception, to the point that Thorn trusted him for years prior to realizing his true nature.
  • Intimidation: In his supervillain persona, King possesses an intimidating presence that allows him a greater level of influence with his underlings.
  • Indomitable Will: An extremely driven and determined person, King constantly refuses to allow accidents or mishaps to interfere with his plans, regardless of severity; he stated that once he made one of his biggest deals shortly after surviving a subway crash, and even went to a Crown City gala a few hours after an attempted assassination by Monolith's men.
  • Expert Chess Player: King has become an expert player of chess, mastering the main game as well as every variant, and even inventing a few variants of his own out of boredom and a desire to challenge himself.

Equipment Edit

  • Flexo-Skeleton: King hired engineers to construct a lightweight material that amplified the force of his punches and bulletproofed him. It also makes his thin build look more muscular than it really is, making him more authoritative.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Arrogance: King's primary weakness is consistently portrayed as a combination of his own arrogance and an unwillingness to try and comprehend the motivations of his enemies.
  • Stress: King's plans are usually successful, but whenever they go even slightly wrong he begins to lose his ability to function. This same stress problem is what rendered his hair completely white by the age of 25. Any question of his competence, even jokingly, would send him into a tantrum.
  • Dishonesty:
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